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A Professional Cover

Right. So I just decided to bite the bullet and let a professional do my book covers for me. Over at the Writer’s Café at Kboards (link here) I noticed in one post that a fellow writer suggested a site that she used for her e-book covers so I went ahead and looked at the pre-made book covers they had available.

After perusing for a bit I chose what I felt was the best one that could represent my upcoming novel and so here it is:

A professionally done e-book cover.
A professionally done e-book cover.

I like it. It captures the mood and the general plot of the book since it takes place in Asia and there’s many scenes in the red-light districts of the region. It is after all a gritty crime novel and I wanted it to reflect that. While I have nothing against models being placed on covers I would prefer not to have anyone’s face on the covers of my books simply because I would prefer the reader to come up with how the characters in my novels would look like using their own imaginations so I prefer to go for cityscapes or abstract art.

I guess it will be up to the market to decide if I chose the right cover.

The website where I got it from is: GoOnWrite (How very witty.)

James is an excellent graphic artist and author in his own right. If you’re looking for well made, professional e-book (and print) covers at an affordable price then I would suggest you check his site out.