Just do what it says!

A few days ago I finally completed my first ever manuscript!

Around 77,000+ words and I have just begun my personal review and revisions before it goes to the editors for their take on it. I have a feeling they will probably pare down the prose and tighten it up so in the end it will be less than my word count estimate. As an amateur I’m pretty sure there will be plenty of mistakes but I am ready for the criticism that comes- if you’re not willing to hear the truth you can’t be a real writer as they say.

There was both a feeling of relief and a creeping sense that I needed to do more of these in order to truly become a well-known author. Already I have new ideas as to whether I should write within the same genre or try my luck at other types of fiction. Since I read all kinds of books I am tempted to do the latter even though many experienced authors warn against it.

But then again it’s always the first that’s the hardest to do, as they say as well.

Let’s hope they’re right!


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