Hi there, I’m John Triptych and welcome to my blog.

I used to be a fanfiction author (My profile on fanfiction.net is still active) about ten years ago until I met a published author who told me I was better off writing for money. My work and personal life interfered with those initial plans but now that I’m semi-retired I decided to start writing again.

I’m kinda new at this so bear with me and if you have any questions about my work please feel free to chime in. Since I’m a newbie I hope to respond to anybody who wishes to ask questions or make comments.

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. I enjoyed the Glooming very much. It does need better editing since there were a number of misspelled words. Maybe just text correction?

    I have tried to join your mailing list six times (four times on my tablet and twice on my PC) and have never received a confirmation email. I did everything I needed to and got the confirmation page to click on the link in an email I never recieved. Not in spam. Could you please have this fixed.

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